How about some yoga?
By Mala Ashok
Have you wanted to stretch out before or after a long flight? If you are at Vancouver Airport (YVR) on a Friday between 10 am and 2 pm you can stretch out well on free yoga mats along with others.

YVR is providing a yoga programme to travellers heading out on domestic flights in Canada. The airport states that it is an opportunity to relax the mind and body and this feeling is echoed by yogis. Yoga as we well know calms the mind and body while allowing practitioners to stretch their muscles before taking a seat on a long flight.

Pilot Project to take flight,

A company called YYoga is hosting the programme and offering free yoga mats. The programme is also open to people who are between connecting flights. The president of YYoga says that “Sitting in one spot for a really long flight on an airplane causes kinks, and stretching allows passengers to work out these kinks.”

YVR has been a pioneer in offering many activities in summer when North Americans do most of their travelling. The yoga programme is one of these activities offered at YVR’s annual summer activities, called Take-Off Fridays. These programmes include live entertainment and lunch specials throughout the airport.

On Fridays, there is to be a YYoga instructor between 10 am and 2pm. There are also a limited number of free mats. The instructor guides people through poses, specific poses that relaxes people with a fear of flying, and answers questions. The Yoga Space is large enough to fit 12 mats. The ever popular downward facing dog can be done when an instructor is not present. This stretches out your hamstrings lower back and your shoulders.

This programme is starting on a pilot basis but, based on feedback from the public and the amount of usage, it could become a

permanent fixture. Vancouverites are known to be yoga fanatics and will likely be soon saying, “How about some namaste before you’re on your way?”

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