‘Pink’ Star Taapsee Pannu Talks About Marriage Plans With Boyfriend; “No Pressure To Get Married” Says Mother.

When in Bollywood, it’s not just their professional lives that make the headlines, but also their day to day activities and personal lives. As soon as you climb the ladder of success, there isn’t much left that you can keep from the tabloids and the ever following eyes of the paparazzi. So when the rumours that Pink actress Taapsee Pannu had already met the man of her dreams started surfacing the media, fans couldn’t hide the excitement to know what  next was on the cards for the rising star. Though nothing was acknowledged by the actress until now, it was only in a recent conversation with Pinkvilla, when Taapsee confessed to seeing Badminton player Mathias Boe. Pink’ Star Taapsee Pannu Talks About Marriage Plans With Boyfriend.

While revealing about having someone special in her life, the young diva also confessed how her parent’s approval is a must for her when it comes to marriage and commitment. “There’s someone in my life, and my family knows about it. It’s very important for me that my family – including my sister and my parents – they like the person who I’m with. Else it won’t work for me. I remember joking about it and telling someone, “Agar mummy papa nahi maane, toh mujhe nahi lagta kuch ho sakta hai.”


Following suit, Taapsee’s mother, who was also present during the conversation, told how proud she has become of her daughter and the complete faith she has in her choices. The proud mother said, “I completely trust her and whomever she chooses for herself, we are okay with her decision. We will support her.” 

The actress’ mom also revealed how the still rising star is under no pressure to tie the knot and while they do discuss it, the final decision will always be on Taapsee. “There’s no pressure on her to get married. I do talk about it sometimes, but even I don’t believe in the institution of marriage much. So it’s up to her when she wants to do it.” Pink’ Star Taapsee Pannu Talks About Marriage Plans With Boyfriend.

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