Plan Your Best Friend’s Wedding!

It is your closest friend’s wedding and you want to look the best bridesmaid in the wedding. You want to be the most organized bridesmaid, but don’t know where to begin with?

Why Plan in Advance?

Planning in advance is a savior always. It saves time, end moment rushes and keeps you tension free all the time. Begin with planning your travel if its a destination wedding. Here are some of the things you should plan for the wedding.

Grooming Sessions!

Yes, to have a perfect skin and hair during the wedding, you need to plan your manicure and pedicure sessions in advance. You don’t want to have any end moment rushes to the parlor an hour long waiting there. You don’t want the process to be vaguely done. You want your skin to be perfect. Normally you can plan your parlor visit at least four days prior to the wedding; in case you have any side effects with the products, you can do something about it. And if you want to get a new haircut or new hair color, it looks best if done a few days earlier.

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You might want to shop for the outfits you are going to wear during the wedding, matching accessories, make-up, perfumes, footwear. If planned in advance, you can look for sales coming around and might even save a buck. Making a list of things you need to buy for the wedding, makes you not miss out on anything. You might even want to buy cases to carry your accessories in a safe way, also the cool camera strap to capture beautiful moments looking cool at the same time.


She is your best friend, someone with who you share everything. And you want to make sure that she knows how special she is for you. You can gift her something like long gold earrings; maybe you can gift her earrings as a matching accessory to one of her outfit. You can also gift a short gold necklace. You can also ask her if she has missed out shopping anything and can gift her.

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Leave From Work!

Meantime you need to plan how many days your boss won’t be seeing you. Maybe you can overwork earlier so that your boss leaves you alone in those days. We all know how bosses love to spoil your holiday. And your best friend’s wedding is a holiday. You want to enjoy the whole wedding.

Surprise Her!

You want to make the pre-wedding of your friend a less stressful yet memorable one. You can plan something in advance for her; maybe a spa treatment, or a girl’s night out. Get your girl’s gang and spoil her for the day.

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of anyone’s life, even for friends and close relatives of the couple. By planning some of the things in advance, you can make the occasion more memorable because you are all stress-free all the time.


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