Planning for a drive in West Bengal? Check out the list where you can Take Off

  • Kolkata-Murshidabad

A six-hour drive will take you to this memorable town of Murshidabad. The best of provincial Bengal holds hands with regal history. The town was once the capital of the Bengal Mughal Empire, its wonders still apparent in anything that remains behind from that time. The overwhelming Hazarduari Palace is at the focal fascination here. Its historical centre is truly outstanding in the country, with canvases from a period gone by.

  • Siliguri-Tinchuley

Quite possibly the grandest drive in West Bengal is through the eastern Himalayan streets. This excursion should take you around 3 hours or less, and the objective is really eminent. This little mountain town in the locale of Darjeeling will mend every one of your concerns. On account of its hazy air, and dynamite sees. There are some beguiling homestays here that you can book.

  • Kolkata- Mandarmani

Around 4 hours from Kolkata, Mandarmani offers an opportunity to encounter the seashore life in harmony. The Bay of Bengal is the feature here, obviously, and you can go through your days liking its gaudiness. Take the visit towards the Estuary during dusk for a memorable encounter. Mandarmani won’t baffle.

  • Kolkata-Chandannagar

One more noteworthy objective, Chandannagar is a diamond of a town. It turned into a French settlement in 1688 until Great Britain took over it in 1757. Be that as it may, the French got it back in 1763 by and by, just to get recovered by the British n 1794. Curiously, it returned to the French in 1816 who governed over it until 1950. The town is just around 2 hours from Kolkata and has pioneer structures for all to it. It is actually a relic of an illustrious past.


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