PM Modi’s Speech On Vaccination Drive Generates Pride For India; Find Out What He Willingly Said

According to the latest reports, India is said to have completed over 100 crore vaccinations. Expressing pride towards the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently addressed the nation with belief. He spoke about the real ability of the nation which is visibly reaching other countries and setting an example with the ‘new India’ tagline.

On the contrary, Modi said, “‘100 crore vaccine jabs’ is just not a number. It’s the reflection of the capacity of this country, this is a new chapter of the country, a country that knows how to achieve huge targets. Everyone is comparing India to other countries but remember India’s starting point was different. The other countries have always participated in medicine and vaccination for a long time and everyone questioned whether India will be able to do the needful. ‘100 crore vaccine jabs’ is an answer to all the questions.”

He added, “People said how taali thalli will help eradicate the virus. But it was a reflection of people’s participation and capacity. This success reflects the important place of technology that not even big nations have today. Our entire vaccine program is a result of technology. It is science-born, science-driven, and science-based. Science and scientific approach are at the heart of it.”

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Months after a sharp decline of COVID-19 cases, India is now observing improvement in regular well-being. According to the statistical representation, “India administered its one billionth COVID-19 vaccine dose on October 22 (Thursday).” PM, through addressing nature, shows positivity for the Indians to live and breathe freely taking necessary precautions (masks, sanitizers) when needed.

But, along with the proper coverage of vaccination, there was also optimism everywhere and eventually, the economy was also recovering. Contrarily, Modi said, “Experts are very positive about the Indian economy. There is employment for the young but there are also unicorns that will record capital. From Gati Shakti to new drone rules, the economy will get a boost.”

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