Police detains 250+ baraatis for consuming alcohol in Gujarat wedding!

Police recently raided a wedding in Gujarat and found of liquor stock of value of over $2000. Consequently, more than 250 attendees were detained by police who are currently in custody. Gujarat is among the 5 dry states of India, where as per law, consumption, manufacturing and sale of liquor is banned.

According to a video posted by news agency Reuters, police raided a wedding in Vadodara following a tip that liquor was being consumed at the party. Police officials have sent the detained baraatis to a government hospital for blood tests so as to verify who all drank alcohol. “An investigation is underway and action will be taken against those who found guilty”, said a police official. Apart from monetary fine, liquor consumption is a considered a crime in Gujarat and can lead to 3 years arrest in jail. Nagaland, Bihar, Lakshwadeep, and Manipur are yet another states where alcohol is prohibited.

See the video here:

What comes up as an eye opener is, despite of the fact that Gujarat is a dry state where liquor is completely prohibited, how does it then enter the state. Gujarat localites say that alcohol consumption is completely normal as in other states and is easily available with anonymous bootleggers. Police must also deep investigate and expose the entire hidden racket behind it.