When one person in a friendly relationship develops feelings for the other and goes out of their way to express these feelings, it often ends poorly if their feelings are not reciprocated for the one he/she confessed. Hence, it leads to broken hearts and sadness due to rejection.


But it should also be noted that the person turning down the proposal is also in no better position. He/she is in fact really awkward and feels guilty of doing so. Turning proposals from friends can result in feelings of discomfort and awkwardness. We all start to delve around the question if it was possible to reject someone’s proposal, especially if that person is a friend, without hurting them.

But fear not oh readers! Here are a few ways you can turn down a friend’s proposal without hurting their feelings.


  • Be sure of what you want

This is the utmost significant step. You must question yourself whether you find that person not attractive at all? You should also be aware of the reasons as to why you are not accepting him or her. Then lastly ask yourself “will any of these reasons change in the near future?” Remember before you talk to him/her you should have a very clear idea about your position including all ‘why’s and ‘why not’s.


  • Be honest

One of the best ways to deal with someone who is clearly interested in you romantically when you are not; is to let them know this without delay rather than deviating from this matter for now. Deviating from this will only make that person feel they will be rewarded with a yes if they wait for you. But mind you, honesty does not mean you have to be brutal. You can explain to that person how much you treasure their friendship but at the same time clearly convey your feelings as to why you don’t see them as their partner. It will be difficult to digest no doubt but at the end of the day, handling this situation maturely would be beneficial for both the parties.


  • Don’t laugh in their faces

A confession is always done with a lot of courage therefore you should be sensitive. Do not treat it as a joke at least not on their face. That would be immaturity. Even though he or she is a close friend you don’t have to rebuff their opened up feelings by laughing on their face.




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