Pooja Bhatt Faced Questions On Marrying Someone Again: Read What She Said, The Full Story Inside

Entertainer chief Pooja Bhatt has consistently been forthright about her own life. She as of late opened up about how she faces inquiries regarding weddings once more. For the unenlightened, she had hitched Manish Makhija in 2005 and they had declared their partition in 2014. Nonetheless, Pooja isn’t lawfully isolated from him.

According to a report, she discussed finishing her marriage and how it affects ladies how regardless of all their enormous accomplishments, they have returned home to the inquiry ‘khaane mein kya hai (what’s there to eat)?’.


She expressed, “Regardless we ladies accomplish on the planet, a ton of us return home and our accomplishments are decreased to ‘haan, theek hai na, tumne Nobel Prize jeet liya magar abhi khaane mein kya hai?’ (Good, you’ve won the Nobel Prize however what’s for supper?) Are you a mother? Is it accurate to say that you are not? Is it accurate to say that you are hitched? Is it true that you are not? I’ve been asked by such countless individuals for what reason aren’t you getting hitched once more.

Also, I reveal to them that I’ve grown up from deduction ‘and they lived joyfully at any point after’ to ‘and she lived cheerfully ever after’. I’ve no need to go there again, attempted it, and prescribed it to individuals as well. In any case, my life isn’t fragmented because I decide to live how I do.”

She didn’t avoid tending to her past battle with liquor compulsion. She reviewed, “We attempt to conceal numerous things. However, four years prior when I chose to stop drinking, I chose to be open about it. I started my vacation with a film like Daddy, which was about a little youngster getting her dad who’s a drunkard to quit drinking. What’s more, there I was managing a similar issue. I contacted individuals to tell them that something could happen to anybody. Ladies particularly should be somewhat more open about that. What’s more, I was overpowered by the reaction that I got from irregular outsiders.”

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