Pooja Bhatt Opened Up On Her Relationship With Alia And Beau Ranbir Kapoor

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there. Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer. The Bhatt sisters share exactly the same relationship.

Although Pooja and Alia are step sisters, they still they share a close and lovely bond with each other. Pooja as a big sister has always supported Alia in anything and everything. Earlier, Alia talked about how it feels to have a step sister. She said, “As a family we’ve grown really close. People always tell me ‘Oh you have a step sister, a step mother’ and all that, but it has never affected me. Our family is very real and we’re very honest with each other. There’s no facade and no fakeness. So, when we spend time together, we genuinely spend time together.”

Pooja also opened up about Alia and her careeer in a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, she said, “Alia is such a fabulous actor. Look at Gully Boy, Udta Punjab (2016), Raazi (2018)… she has given such heartfelt performances in all these. She is getting better every day. She chooses with her heart and I think that’s what is working for her. Though in hindsight no one knows which film will work or which one won’t. You can’t plan that way, but yes you can definitely choose the right kind of stories.”

Well, nowadays, Alia’s personal life is also getting a lot of attention because of beau Ranbir Kapoor. The rumored couple have been the talk of town for last few days. However, Pooja refrained from commenting on it, and stated, “Anything Alia does as far as her relationship is concerned it’s her own prerogative. We are no one to decide for her. We are there for her always to make sure she is happy and safe. In no way do we force ourselves in each other’s lives.”

Earlier in 2018, Pooja was asked about the love evolving between Alia and Ranbir in the interview with The Indian Express, to which she replied, “You got to ask Alia! You can ask me about my personal life. You cannot ask me about my sister’s personal life because I ain’t telling, darling! Like I took rumours about me. What was true didn’t bother me. What was not true didn’t bother me. And she is a Bhatt after all, and a much-improved Bhatt in that sense.”

She further added, “I think that this is her time in the sun. We should just let that young girl be and enjoy her life because I think she is doing her job of entertaining India and the world really well. So, what she does or does not do in her personal life is really her problem. How she chooses to lead her life is her problem. My father and me have a different approach to it. She has a different approach to it. So, I think we should just let people be who they are.”


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