Pooja Celebrates Almost 5 Years Of Sobriety And Talks About Finding “The Love Of Her Life”

Movie actress Pooja Bhatt celebrates when she almost reaches the five-year mark of sobriety. She has admitted to battling alcoholism in the past and has also spoken openly about her recovery.

In an Instagram post, Pooja recalled a time when she ‘chased’ love and said that a few years ago, she found the ‘love of (her) life’ – sobriety. “I can’t remember a time when I’ve not been in love. With people, yes…but more so with the very idea of love. I looked for love everywhere I went. Chased it down unfamiliar avenues in the dead of the night & even across countries, borders, continents,” she wrote.

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“Have a lot of myself to attribute to the ones who loved me back & especially the ones that didn’t. I can’t blame anyone for failing me because the truth is I more often than not, failed myself. And then one day the universe introduced me to the love of my life – Sobriety. And the need for validation from any other source ebbed. A demanding yet fulfilling lover, Sobriety breaks down your defences, bares & reveals your soul, calls out any and all bulls**t, yet clasps your hand tight & ensures you make it through many uncertain nights, filling your dawn with such unimaginable light when you do the most revolutionary thing – say NO to yourself,” she added.

Pooja described her relationship with sobriety as “deeply satisfying.” She said it helped her weather “vicious storms”, cope with losses and keep her grounded “through a supposed resurgence of fortune and fame.” She wrote, “There is no room for a third in my life at this point. My priority for the first time ever, is myself. My emotional health comes first. Sobriety, recovery gets first priority. And because recovery, like love, is selfish no matter what people say, my choice is clear- it is SINGLE BLESSEDNESS all the way!”

Last year, Pooja made her return to acting after more than a decade with Sadak 2, which marked the return of her father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, to directing. Earlier this year she appeared on the Netflix series Bombay Begums.

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