Poonam Pandey Refuses The Rumours About Her Pregnancy And Shares A Personal Statement ‘For Women, It Is Good News And For Me, It Was Bad’

Poonam Pandey has completely shut down the speculation as well as refused the burning rumor of expecting her first child with director Sam Bombay. She addressed her life to be an open book and expressed with joy that, she would be more than happy and will celebrate when she gets pregnant. She also further added with a smiling face, that the day she becomes pregnant, she will literally distribute sweets.

According to the report, it was mentioned that Poonam Pandey is six weeks pregnant with Sam Bombay’s baby, however, she called up this notice as a hoax. The wonderful couple got hitched in an intimate ceremony in September 2020 after remaining in a live-in relationship for 2 years.

Furthermore, in an interview with Zoom, Poonam’s statement goes like this way, “Do not forcefully make me pregnant. For women, it is good news and for me, it was bad, as I was not pregnant. At least, ask me once. Anything about my life is like an open book. I will distribute sweets if I become pregnant.

As far as their relationship journey proceeds, Sam and Poonam tied their knot on 1st September 2020 at their home in Bandra, Mumbai, with only the witness of their close friends and family members. However, alter she announced this great news on her Instagram handle with a wedding picture and a caption text saying, ‘Here’s looking forward to seven lifetimes with you’

Although their marital path didn’t run smoothly initially, as she filed a case of domestic violence against her husband within a month stating that her husband Sam beat her brutally and she had to get hospitalized for several days. Although, with god’s grace, they came into conjugation within days.

After recovering, Poonam stated that she and Sam ‘love each other too much. She further elaborated with her verdict that, ‘We are trying to iron out things and have more or less sorted it all out. We are back together. You know what? We both love each other too much. We are madly in love. And, which shaadi does not have its ups and downs?”. While on the other hand, Sam mentioned the condition to be ‘blown out of proportion’.

However, we on behalf of all their lovers, followers, and well-wishers, wish them a very happy, progressive, peaceful, and successful married life ahead.

Focus Excerpt Taken From – MARKET SHOCKERS (marketshocker.com)

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