Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah chashma actor Shyam Pathak who plays the role of Popatlal, recently got into a heated argument with the producer of the show. According to a report, the matter got so intense that he was asked to make an exit from the show.

The report also revealed that Dilip Joshi, who plays the role of Jethalal on the show, had travelled to London to perform for a live show on popular demand, about which, the actor had already informed the production team well in advance. Just when he reached the city, the organisers of the show informed him that the crowd wanted to see him perform with Shyam Pathak as their brilliant comic timing is always a treat to watch. Without further ado, Dilip called Shyam and he readily agreed to perform with him. The duo performed three stand-up acts together and managed to leave the crowd in complete awe.


However, in all of his excitement, Shyam completely forgot to inform the makers of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma about his London gig. The production team, which was unaware about Shyam’s last minute plans, scheduled his scenes as decided and kept waiting for him to turn up.

Once he got back from London, Asit Modi, the producer of the show, asked him to give explanation for his unprofessional behaviour. Soon things got worse between them and Shyam was asked to leave the show.

The actor had to stay at home for duration of 4 days, which was enough for him to realise his mistake. He approached Asit again, apologised to him and got back to work.
Later when he was asked to confirm whether the news was true, he said, “Nothing of that sort ever happened. I am shooting for the show all this is rubbish.”
Even the producer claimed it to be false news and said, “All these are just rumours. As far as artists sitting at home is concerned this has not happened for the first time, we call actors only when they are needed. When there is no work they sit for 6/7 days.”

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