Famous television actress, Tinaa Datta who is known for her memorable role of Ichchaa in Utaran took help of social media to show her disappointment with one of the leading airlines of India. In a long frustrated Facebook post, Tinaa narrated her experience of sexual assault on board while travelling to Rajkot.


A man sitting behind her touched her inappropriately. Earlier she thought it was a kid but as she turned back, she was disguised to see a full grown man. As she complained about the matter to the staff, she was told that such incidents keep happening and merely changed the seat of that passenger. Her plea to deport him was denied too. Moroever, the captain too seemed disinterest and gave a disgusting reply, “We are not responsible for anything that happens before take off”. What was more surprising was that the co-passengers also didn’t support the actress and kept mum.

Disheartened and infuriated Tinaa finally chose the medium of social media to express her nightmare like incident. Leave alone the empty streets, buses and cabs; girls are not even safe in sky now.

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