Salman Khan recently attended the IIFA press conference with ex-beau Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt. Well, unlike her recent Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan still bonds well with the diva and maintains a very healthy relationship. Katrina and Salman’s strong camaraderie at the event was quite evident which grabbed many eyeballs and also left Alia Bhatt sidelined.

Yet another thing that got noticed at the event was Salman’s possessiveness. It is literally a world known fact that Salman Khan is a possessive man. We got a glimpse of it when Sallu got a bit worried about Katrina’s extremely short dress.

While the trio (Salman, Katrina and Alia) were posing for the shutterbugs, Salman’s constant worry over Katrina’s dress was very much visible with his actions. He first asked Alia Bhatt to tell Katrina to pull down her dress a bit. Then he personally whispered in Katrina’s ears to adjust her dress. Katrina handled this awkward situation well and kept faking smiles. But after that, Katrina seemed really uncomfortable throughout the event that her hands were only busy adjusting the dress.

That’s not it, during the media interaction, Salman hinted Katrina to adjust her dress yet again as it was revealing too much of cleavage. They both immediately faked a laugh and Katrina turned around pretending that she can;t stop laughing, and set her dress.

Well, much fake reactions! But it seems Salman was being a genuine and a caring friend because while entering the event, Katrina had a wardrobe malfunction which exposed her inner garments. It was only after constant requests that photographer deleted the photographs.

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