Powered by ambition, women entrepreneurs are unstoppable!

Ambition plays a large role in an entrepreneur’s journey. Entrepreneurs won’t get far without ambition, and the reality is that female entrepreneurs need to be equipped with this quality, even more. Women are indeed doing this right and proving to be extraordinary. The gender bias is being addressed by women, and how!

Therecent Ambitious Insights report unveiled by American Express in partnership with The New York Women’s Foundation throws light on the fact that Indian women have the confidence to nurture their ambitions and lead the world in setting an example. According to the survey, 89%of Indian working women believe it is important to have ambitions as compared to the global average of 59%.

This makes one wonder what is the role of ambition? As an entrepreneur moves from one level to another, it is obvious that ambition is the ‘push’ factor. It never lets you down and gives you the inspiration to keep moving ahead, however tough the circumstances may be.

Even in tradition male dominated business families, women are voicing their ambitions. Here I take the case of Ms Valli Arunachalam, daughter of the late MV Murugappan, who was the patriarch of Murugappa Group. She is fighting for her rights for the board of the group holding company, Ambadi Investments Ltd (AIL), which has traditionally been reserved for male heirs of the family.It’s a stiff battle but the lady is bravely sticking to her principles and her ambition to keep the family business’s flag flying. 

Women especially women entrepreneurs must be ready to stand by their decisions. Just being ambitious won’t help. Entrepreneurs have tostudy their SWOTand overcome their weaknesses in order to succeed. Handling the highs and the lows is critical. It will not always be easy, especially when the business is at the taking a down-turn, during aneconomic recession or even the current COVID 19 phenomena. Ambition, determination, hard work and pride of ownership will help in overcoming such challenging situations.

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