If there were god must he have time only to listen to our demands?
Dalip Singh Wasan
I was too young. I was not having any knowledge about god. But people at my house were busy on each day in reciting religious books. My father used to recite a religious small book and after completing recitation, he was standing up and with folded hands, he was conducting prayer. I was given guidance that when this prayer was conducted, I too should stand up where I was and must close my eyes and stand up with folded hands. My father was firstly praising god and was counting the powers of god. In the second chapter, he was thanking god for those things which god had given to him and in the last chapter, he was placing before god his wants, demands, wishes and the like and then after completing all these formal ceremonies, he was bowing his head and touching the earth with his head.
Practising Prayer

This was the usual practice at my house. I also wanted to conduct this prayer and, therefore, when I had got a demand which I could not explain to my father, I opted for this method. I went to my father and with folded hands, I touched his feet. Then I took some steps back and stood up with folded hands. My father was looking at me with surprise. Then I folded my hands and closed my eyes. I started speaking like this, “I know, my dear father that you are a nice person. You are honest. You are a hard worker. You are very punctual. You are very smart and a hard worker. You go to bed at a fixed time. You get up at fixed time. You take your bath punctually. You reach the office in time. You are getting promotion in time. Your income is good and you are running the family in a good way. I am thankful to you that you have brought me up healthy. I am thankful to you that you have admitted me in a best school of the town. I am thankful to you that you are providing me with books and stationery items. But, my dear father, I am not good at English. I therefore, pray that some teacher may be appointed to teach me English at my home so that I could keep pace with other children in my class.

After completing my prayer, I went down to the feet of my father and touched them. I went away. I had heard that my father had a talk on  the subject with my mother, with his parents and with his relatives and friends. All were having praises for me. But since I was continuing this rehearsal on each day at seven in the morning, my parents had a doubt that there is some trouble in my brain. So, they started taking me to saintly persons and when the rehearsal continued, they consulted a specialist and ultimately I was admitted in a hospital for mental treatment. I was kept in the hospital for one month.

But early in the morning at seven, I again went to my father and conducted the same rehearsal of prayer. For a few days, my father tolerated all this, but ultimately he was avoiding my presence at seven in the morning. I was conducting this prayer before his photograph which was hung in our house. Now, I never saw my father present in the house at seven. I had not been provided with the tuition which I needed. I was not happy with the conduct of my father, but I tolerated it because all my demands were met normally.

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