In today’s world, we all can agree on the fact that  most relationships today come with an expiry date. We have another case in point, but we just hope that it turns out to be just one of those thorns in the rose. Our sources from the tv industry suggests that  Priyank Sharma has unfollowed his girlfriend Benafsha Soonawalla on Instagram, but Ben continues following him.

According to the rumours, It is believed that Aly Goni’s ex-girlfriend Natasha Stankovic is the main reason of all this. Lately, Priyank has also been uploading a few of their pictures together which made Benafsha a little insecure. And our sources strongly suspect that there was a major fight between the couple which probably led Priyank to make the move. As it happens more often than not, is the first on this scoop as well.

Priyank Sharma  always makes headlines for all the wrong reasons, many times in the recent past, he has severe lashing from Divya Agarwal, whom he once dated.