Priyank Sharma crosses all limits, blatantly BODY SHAMES Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan

By admin

November 24, 2017

Well, we are going short of words to talk about this guy Priyank Sharma who is crossing all limits on the show and all for wrong reasons. In the last episode, for the captaincy task, we saw him spraying black paint on Arshi’s picture in a very aggressive manner. When he was doing so, Sapna and Hina were seen smiling. Sapna was also seen saying that Arshi deserves it. While we were still trying to figure out what he did out there, he did something more shaming.

Sitting with his gang – Luv Tyagi, Hina Khan and Sapna, he was seen body shaming Shilpa and Arshi. He was seen saying that the two will not be able to participate in the captaincy task as they are so obese and they are shaped like a drum. On one hand, while his gang talks about respecting women, on the other hand they are seen making such mean comments on their co-contestants. Hina, who always speaks of taking a stand inside the house and always doing right, is seen making fun of other contestants often.

Looks like Priyank Sharma and his gang has no respect for women. Sapna and Hina, who are women themselves never stopped him from disrespecting other women of the house. Instead, they are seen enjoying it. All what they forget is that it is Shilpa who prepares food for everyone and rather than being grateful to her, they are seen making fun of her. He was seen saying that Shilpa and Arshi eat so much and are not capable of performing these running tasks. It is really shocking to see Priyank making such a regressive comment on women. We are surely waiting to see Salman react to this episode. The way Priyank is behaving with women on the show is highly disgraceful and he needs to realize it.