It came as a shock to all of us when Priyank Sharma was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house after her came in between Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani’s fight and pushed Akash. He was one of the most promising contestants on the show and his fans got really disappointed seeing him out of the Bigg Boss house.

When Priyank intervened Vikas and Akash and pushed Akash against the wall, he broke one of the most important rules of the Bigg Boss house of physically attacking the co-contestants.

But ever since he is out of the house, there have been rumours that he will be coming back to the house. As per reports, he has been kept at a hotel in Lonavala. The show makers are still thinking of his re-entry into the house.

Yesterday, Priyank went live on Facebook and he shared everything. He said that he got emotional in house and he seriously regrets hitting Akash. Priyank thanked all his fans for their support and said that he is missing the Bigg Boss house.

Here is his live video:

Will Priyank Sharma make it back to the Bigg Boss house? Well, we will have to wait for it! Stay tuned to our page for more updates on the show.

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