WHAT! Priyank Sharma is doing this TV show after getting evicted from the Bigg Boss house?

Last week, Bigg Boss contestant Priyank Sharma was shown the exit door after getting evicted. It was the second time that Priyank Sharma was given a chance to be on the show. Earlier, Priyank Sharma was thrown out of the house after getting physical with co-contestant Akash Dadlani. However, Bigg Boss gave him another chance to be on the show and again win the support of the viewers. But he gained attention in the house for all wrong reasons after body shaming his co-contestants Shilpa and Arshi. Eventually, he walked out of the show last week.

Priyank was earlier seen on the show Splitsvilla and has a huge following. He was on the show with Divya Agarwal who was his girlfriend for a long time but the two parted ways before he entered the Bigg Boss house. Divya was seen on the show during the statue task where she told Priyank that he has lost a lot on the show and he needs to make up. The couple became a popular name after being on the show.

Now after getting evicted from the show, he has been making shocking revelations about his co-contestants on the show. Meanwhile, all his fans who are waiting to see him back on TV. A lot of rumors of him being a part of Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin 3 have been doing rounds. Ekta Kapoor recently revealed that the third season of the show will soon be aired. However, never did she disclose any name for the male lead of the show.


Priyank was asked if he is actually doing the show in a recent interview. To which he replied, “Well, I don’t know anything as of now because these rumours are still coming to me and you are the people (media) telling me about it. If at all anything like this happens, I will definitely be overwhelmed, but for now all I can do is hope for the best.”


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