Well, a lot is being talked about Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma. Ever since he was thrown out of the house after getting physical with Akash Dadlani, there were reports of him coming back on the show. Now when he is finally back on the show, there are reports on his personal life. Former Splitsvilla contestant, Priyank Sharma is dating Splitsvilla co-contestant Divya Agarwal. But in between, there were rumours that there is something between Priyank and Vikas Gupta.

Owing to such rumours, there have been reports that Priyank’s girlfriend Divya has broken up with him. A source shared, “Divya had strong feelings for Priyank but now they have broken up! They were never really into a strong relationship. It was always dicey. Divya did have feelings for him but Priyank never really showed much interest. Vikas Gupta’s news was indeed a huge blow to her. She got a reality check.”

But wait, Divya has something else to say. As per Divya, nothing is wrong between her and Priyank. Divya took to her Instagram and posted this:

That says it all!

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