We just can’t thank Youtube enough for giving us some really funny moments from the past. We just found this old video of an award show where the winner of the Best Debut Female 2001 was to be announced.

To announce the award, Priyanka Chopra and Esha Deol were invited on the stage. At that time, Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss World. She looks like a big fashion blunder (that Bindi!) on the stage but anyhow, we are happy that she left that all behind.

Coming back to the award night when Priyanka Chopra didn’t allow her co-presenter Esha Deol to speak a single word on the stage. When Priyanka got the mic, she announced the winner all alone. We can understand how awkward it could have been for Esha. Oops! But it was really funny to see how Esha tried to take the envelope from Priyanka’s hand but failed to do so! Priyanka on the other hand, announced the winner with a big smile.

It got funnier when Esha went forward to give Amisha the trophy. Looked like a typical girlie revenge for Priyanka’s act. And post that, who cared listening to Amisha Patel’s very well prepared and mushy speech.

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