Priyanka Chopra Opens Upon Her Journey In Bollywood From Being An Outsider To An International Star

Winning the magnificence show and being delegated as Miss World in the year 2000, the on-screen character also had a lot of difficulties to become showbiz royalty in Bollywood. Now, the actress has completed 20 years in Bollywood.

Sharing her journey on the Instagram, Priyanka Chopra captioned it, “20 Years in Entertainment. Thank you @ozzyproduction and all of you for such a beautiful reminder of these 20 years since I started in this business. I hope to meet you all someday. Meanwhile, I want to celebrate with all of you… stay tuned! Thank you #pcmaniacs”

“From being an outsider with no connections to Bollywood to becoming a global star, who breaks stereotypes. A self-made superstar. Two-time National Award winner,” written. The video further gives a long list of Priyanka Chopra’s achievements. It reads, “The first Indian actress to cross over to US stardom. The first Indian woman to cover Vogue in its 126-year history. The first South Asian actress to win a People’s Choice Award. The First India female to reach 50 million followers. The first Indian to be among the highest-paid TV actresses,” and the list goes on.

Priyanka Chopra during the Women In The World Summit held at Lincoln Center in New York City in 2019, had spoken about nepotism and Bollywood going connected at the hip. The Desi Girl said, “Nepotism and Bollywood go hand in hand. But there have been few incredible actors over the years that have been able to penetrate that and make a name for themselves and then create their own legacy. Which is also what I am also hoping to do.”

PeeCee also added about the early days of her struggle, where she had no contacts in the industry. She said, “It was very hard. I did not know anyone. Everyone was friends with everybody when I joined the movie business. I was not very good at networking and going to the parties. It was a little difficult, but I kind of depended on the fact that I was not afraid to take on risky parts.” she added.

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