Priyanka Chopra Reveals How She Dropped Hints To Nick Jonas About Her Dream Engagement Ring

When you’ve finally found the one, it’s pretty much normal to look it down real and quick. And the best way to do that is to give subtle reminders to your significant other that, once they’re ready, you have something sparkly in mind. We all have some expectations from our beau and the way how they’ll purpose us, And for Priyanka Chopra, it was seemingly no different (celebrities: They are just like us!) when it came to what she wanted in an engagement ring. honestly, PeeCee comments about giving Nick Jonas hints for purposing are actually so relatable.

According to people, Priyanka said that she gave her fiancee, singer Nick Jonas, some clues to help point him, in the right direction When it came to picking out the engagement ring of her dreams.

First off, Priyanka’s been dreaming of a Tiffany engagement ring for years. She told people,” I just knew it since I was a kid. first, it was Breakfast Tiffany’s that did it for every girl in the world and then, of course, sweet home Alabama came and put a stamp on it that it has to be Tiffany.”

Priyanka said that she wasn’t present when Nick shut down to the store to get her ring, But she has already given him so many clues about her dream engagement ring.

Piggy Chops said, ” well, I may have dropped that hint we had a conversation about it when we were dating and I’ve always known it had to be Tiffany…Since I was a little girl, It was just something that was stuck in my head and I may have said that and I guess he remembered.” Good Job, Nick!

The two reportedly started dating in May and became engaged just two months later, When  Priyanka Chopra revealed the ring and her engagement with an Instagram post in August.

“Taken …. with all my heart and soul,” she wrote.

The couple is reportedly planning their wedding. Nick recently flew into Mumbai and then took for jodhpur with Priyanka  to reportedly zero in their wedding venue.


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