Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion Finesse! See Her Best Looks From Last Week That Made News!

By admin

September 11, 2018

PC’s fashion quo has always been high, from her time as a Miss World to becoming one of the most successful and talented actresses of Bollywood. Her style has always been highly praised whether in reel or real life. But ever since our Desi girl, has started her global domination plan by flying to Hollywood and making herself a household name in the foreign country, her taste in fashion and even her sense of style has evolved. We can’t help but feel dumbfounded and then be awed by the looks she has pulled off over the past few years, making herself a fashion icon, even in the west.

This past week, New York Fashion Week was on a full swing and so was PC. In the last week was seen in 4 different looks, each unique and spot on considering the type of event or show. She went from Ultra glam to flirty florals in one week.

Here are her 4 looks from just Last Week that we can’t get enough of!


PC’s style and fashion sense have not only evolved but they give inspiration to others to break fashion norms and take some fashion risk. It has become clear that PC is no fashion follower, she makes her own rules and she slays them.