Bollywood Divas are making their way to Hollywood. How can Sonam Kapoor not try her luck? According to recent reports, Sonam Kapoor has signed up with a Los Angeles agency that will help her look for international movie offers. She was recently questioned on the same, to which she answered, “If there is something that excites me, and if there is a good opportunity, then why not? I am in Los Angeles, to gauge at the possibilities. I am not going to hide it (trying to bag a film in the West) from anybody, and then suddenly announce that I have signed a (Hollywood) film. I am trying my best to sign good films. I am doing the same in Mumbai as well. But I have to see what I enjoy doing, and who I can work with or what I can work on”.


Now this looks like Sonam is hinting towards Deepika Padukone as she never disclosed her Hollywood plans for a long time. It was when a picture of Vin Diesel hugging her came out, she announced that she will debut in Hollywood.

collage-story_647_022516064622Sonam was also asked who she thinks is a better actor between Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Her straight-out answer was Priyanka Chopra.

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