Priyanka Jagga calls Bigg Boss S******* after Salman evicts her!

First time in the history of the Bigg Boss, host Salman Khan has personally evicted a contestant from the house following her unending misbehaviour. The contestant is none other than the most controversial housemate, Priyanka Jagga.

Priyanka started hitting headlines in the first week itself as she peed in her pants and got those clothes washed by celebrity contestant Bani J. She was earlier evicted from the show but later brought back as a wild card entry. However in tonight’s episode, it will be shown that Salman scolds Priyanka for her unrelenting arrogant and rude behavior and calls her the most aggressive particpant. Unsurprisingly she further dares to reply Salman with, ‘I will do more’. Salman loses his cool and asks her to immediately leave the Bigg Boss house.

After Priyanka came out of the house, she took it to social media and wrote, ” My Home is the best Home.. I m home now.. Thanks Bigg Boss for letting me go ..All well when ends well”. In the comments section, a person wrote she played very below the belt, to which she replied that it is scripted. Did she just call the reality show ‘Scripted’? Or is it just the sour grapes case!