Manveer’s marriage reports are going viral. The reports have come as a shock to the audience as well as Manveer’s fellow Bigg Boss contestants. All the contestants are surprised hearing the news as they never got to know that Manveer is a married man while he was on the show.

In a recent interview, contestant Priyanka Jagga was asked about her thoughts on Manveer’s marriage. She said:


“I am shocked to see Manveer ke shaadi ka video. It’s all out there. I distinctly remember that he had told us in the house that he had run away from his wedding mandap. I think he smartly manipulated his victory, by wooing female fans with his single status. It is shocking to know that this man had another side to him, which he managed to hide it from us convincingly. I feel quite weird about it.”

Well, we are short of words!

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