Priyanka Praises Nick Jonas And Her In-laws, Says They Are ‘Understanding’

Priyanka Chopra revealed one of the qualities she loves about her husband, singer Nick Jonas, his ability to understand and accept that the world is made up of different types of people. The actress spoke about her marriage to the Jonas Brothers singer on a podcast.

The Matrix: Resurrection star married Nick in 2018 after a whirlwind of romance. They got married in India.

On Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast, Priyanka was asked if Nick understood how different the experience of living in the United States is for a woman from India compared to a white man living in the country. Priyanka said that Nick was aware of this even before they met.

“I think him and his family are so deep-rooted and come from service and he’s very giving and at the same time, he’s very understanding of, one those traits I love about him, understanding of different people of being different and acceptance of the world made up of all kinds of people and that’s the family we are,” she said.

“It’s so amazing to me that we were raised in different parts of the world with the same beliefs and same value system and neither have an idea of each other’s careers because we were so busy building our own careers at that time. I didn’t know much about Jonas Brothers, he definitely didn’t know much about me. It was really interesting when we got together to sort of not just have our cultures marry and clash but to also be able to peel layers of getting to know each others’ lives and we’ve both had two decades of public lives and we got to experience that all over and that was lovely,” she added.

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During a literature festival earlier this year, Priyanka revealed that after they married, they explored each others’ works. “After we got married, we did sort of a ‘show and tell’. He showed me his earlier music and work, and I showed him a few of my movies, but Nick (Jonas) loves Dil Dhadakne Do. He has watched it multiple times,” she said, in an interview.

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