By Mridula Bahri
Just like you protect your skin and take proper care of it, you should also maintain the health of your hair. Everyone desires hair which is thick and shiny. Pollution is the main cause of damage. Hair becomes brittle, coarse and difficult to handle. To try different styles on your hair you need perfectly undamaged hair. Wash your hair properly as it cleans your scalp which provides nourishment to your hair. Hair brush should be kept clean. Make correct usage of products to keep your hair healthy. Just follow these steps to achieve glamorous hair.
ways to protect your hair

Don’t wash your hair every day
Washing your hair every day can remove the natural oils produced by your scalp which help to keep it healthy. You should only wash your hair every two to three days. Don’t forget to wash your hair at regular intervals. You should apply oil before washing it.

Right ways to wash your hair
Using very hot water while washing your hair can cause heat damage. Luke warm water is ideal for washing hair. Make sure that you rinse out the shampoo completely, as this may cause irritation. Wash your hair twice as it cleanses it properly. Use cold water when rinsing out conditioner. Cold water also helps to make your hair look shinier. Use of vinegar and beer as a conditioner can also make the hair soft and shiny.

Correct ways to apply conditioner

Apply conditioner to the longest parts of your hair and not apply it on your scalp. Rub the conditioner to the ends of your hair. Apply the conditioner with your fingers and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse it out. It is not important to apply conditioner every time you wash your hair. Conditioner just helps to protect your hair against split ends.

ways to protect your hair

Follow a hair care routine once a week

Deeply condition your hair once a week as it helps to protect it from damage, makes it healthier and increases the length of your hair. It is very important to give extra care to your hair once a week. Apply curd and egg on your scalp as it will provide nourishment. Provide steam to your hair as it is beneficial for its growth. Oil your hair as it is best and the easiest way to provide the necessary nutrition to your hair.

Stop blow drying

The best way to dry your hair is air drying. Skip blow drying your hair as it weakens it. Straightening your hair also damages it and makes you prone to hair fall. Use low heat setting while styling your hair.

Styling your hair

Styling your hair when it is wet damages it. For natural curls, put your hair in a bun when they are damp. Braid it for tight curls. Avoid back combing as these styles can cause hair damage. Comb your hair with your fingers when it gets very tangled. Avoid using hair spray to set your hair.

Reduce the chemicals you use

Excess use of chemical only leads to damaged hair. Even colouring your hair once in a month can damage it. Skip using chemical treatments on your hair and shift to herbal treatments. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. Consult an expert before changing products. Reduce the use of chemicals as they lead to hair loss.

Protection while going for a swim

Swimming pools have chlorine in them which has a damaging effect. Wet and condition your hair before you go swimming. Wearing a tight swimming cap is a must before going to swim. After swimming wash your hair and deeply condition them.

Practice yoga

Stress also leads to hair fall, so indulge in stress relieving activities like yoga, meditation or running. Try changing your routine so you have more time to do things, that you enjoy and focus on having peace and calm in your life.

Trim them

Trim your hair regularly. Avoid having split ends as they show that your hair is damaged.

Try to get a haircut every three months, and get it trimmed every six weeks. If you have deeply damaged hair, then get a short haircut to get rid of the damage.

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