The world seems like a magical dream, when you’re in love. You feel butterflies not only in your stomach but everywhere! And when you see each other, there is an unexplainable spark. That raw magnetism that draws you to each other and it’s not just about the sex. Here are the signs that you two have a splendid chemistry.

Deep conversations take place offline

You both find it better to communicate offline rather than through social sites. You talk to each other on the phone all day long and there are meaningful conversations for when you meet each other in person.


Updating each other

You both always keep each other updated about what’s going on in your day to day lives and tell even the slightest details which make you feel a sense of involvement in each other’s life. Keeping each other updated is a sign of a healthy relationship.


Social media, you know!

You both post very rare about each other. A little bit PDA in a post or two works, but you two choose to keep your intimate details private!


Dealing with Arguments

You both don’t refrain from a healthy argument as it helps you in better understanding about what your partner thinks and expects from you. As a couple, healthy arguments help in bringing you close to your partner.


Know your boundaries

You are completely okay with sharing about relationship with your friends and family, but when it comes to certain things, there should always be some limits.


You two are not just about sex all the time

You guys definitely have great sex, but it’s not the only intimacy in your relationship. You embrace your bond through cuddling, holding hands and kissing!


Respect each other’s goals

Both of you respect each other’s dreams and aspirations and support each other. It’s an indication that you both are happy in each other’s success.


Sexual chemistry

Well, of course! When you have a healthy and happy sex life and have great chemistry in bed, it means that your partner and you have a relationship that’s flourishing with each passing day.