Puneesh tightly slaps Bandgi; ends relationship with her! See VIDEO!

In this week’s nomination special episode of Bigg Boss 11, lovebirds Puneesh and Bandgi faced the heat of almost all co-contestants in the house and got nominated for the eviction. Right from Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi, to Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma, everyone targeted the couple for their irritating behavior inside the house. While Puneet irked other housemates with his violent ways and unapologetic attitude, Hina blamed his girlfriend Bandgi for she did not condemn Puneesh’s rude behavior. Hina said Bandgi is at fault too. She claimed that had she been at Bandgi’s place, she would have stopped talking to Puneesh and would have slammed him for his inapt ways. Puneesh’s ex-best friend in the house Akash Dadlani also agreed with Hina. And most surprisingly, Arshi Khan too sang the same tune as Hina.

However, the contestants are sure that it will not be Puneesh or Bandgi but Luv Tyagi who will get evicted this week as he has not contributed much to the show’s content. In fact, he has not been involved in any controversy but has just, at some instances, acted as Hina’s puppet.

Meanwhile, the most talked about couple Puneesh-Bandgi have a yet another plan to make it big in the Bigg Boss show. Earlier, they mocked a love relationship to grab some eyeballs. Then, they mutually agreed to indulge in over-the-top PDA to ensure everyone that they are actually in love! They took their PDA game to a top-notch level that they slept together, kissed each other in bed and even went to washroom together (probably to pretend they are making love). Duhhh! The much-in-love (or say, fake) couple got warning from the host Salman Khan as well, to control their affection on national television.

But now things seem to take a new turn. Going by the latest videos, the couple is seen talking about the ill-effects of their PDA and thus, breaking up with a tight slap! Shocking! Isn’t it? Well, here’s the full matter!

The leaked videos show Bandgi expressing her concern over growing discontent among viewers and co-contestants. She further suggests that they must break up to end this all! Puneesh agrees and starts a game yet again. But this time, a break-up game! He playfully slaps Bandgi on her cheeks to mark the end of their relationship. Bandgi demands a retry and ends up placing a playful yet tight slap on Puneesh’s face.

Have a look at the videos below!

Part 1 : Bandgi demands a breakup Follow @biggbossinsta

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Part 2: Bandgi demands a breakup Follow @biggbossinsta

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Even though they exchanged just playful slaps, it would be interesting their bonding sans the tag of ‘relationship’. Apart from Bandgi and Puneesh, Luv Tyagi has been nominated for eviction!


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