Every relationship requires patience, dedication and understanding. One needs to keep on making efforts to let that relationship work. It is very normal to have differences with your partner and have conflicts over an issue. Conflicts are rather healthy for a relation to spice it up further. But while fights are inevitable, efforts should be made to resolve them asap. Lets find out the ways to resolve differences quickly.


Be Patient

If your partner is bit loud and aggressive with his opinions, extricate yourself from the situation and come back to talk things rationally when the anger subsides.


If you the see the fight going overboard, stop and think; is it really worth? You need to choose your battle to prevent a war.


Don’t let your ego come inbetween your relationship. If you think you were not fair enough or realise your mistake, don’t waste time in saying ‘Sorry’. It has saved relationships for years!


If you and your partner is ready to burn the hatchet, go for intimate moments. A soft kiss or quick love making session can bring lost warmth in a relationship.

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