Now this piece of news will undoubtedly make you ROFL, we promise! Radhe Maa, the self-acclaimed spiritual guru and leader, whose life revolves around controversies is back and how!
Radhe Maa is soon going to make her acting debut and it will be through a web series. We still don’t know how to react to this piece of news. The name of the web series has further left us short of words. The series is named as No Casting No Couch Only Ouch. 
The producer of the show shared, “She is very kind, motivational and a selfless person. She plays the role of universal mother, who is the messenger of God. She takes the protagonist character out of depression and gives him motivation. So I thought who better than Radhe Maa herself to play this role. When I asked her, her reply was very simple, ‘How can I say no to my child?’ She accepted it out of love and affection for me. Also, she is doing this web series for a social cause. We have raised an important issue in this series for a social cause.”
He further shared the shooting experience with Radhe Maa. He said, “It was excellent, she was very cooperative. She used almost four to five variations for a dialogue. Also, she gave her place for free for the shoot. The design and decorations were arranged by her people.”
We think this web series will come along with lots of comedy. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.
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