Raghu Ram and Natalie Di Luccio give us major couple goals. Scroll down to see what the actor has written for his lovely wife on the occasion of her birthday!

Raghu might be seen as negative character in his old show, “Roadies”, but he is a pure gentleman when it comes to handling relationships. Earlier after his divorce with current estranged wife, Sugandha Garg, he announced it with the coolest way on instagram. Generally such things may sound odd, but he did gave us divorce goals. He proved that with time, the relationship and the love may fade, but the respect is eternal.After the divorce, he started his new journey with Italian- Canadian singer, Natalie Di Luccio. We love how he always chooses new ways to express himself.

On June 29, 2019, Natalia celebrated her birthday for which Raghu wore the writer’s hat to wish the love of his life in the most adorable manner. He took to Instagram and wrote, “This day must feel special, baby. Because it’s your birthday, and that’s the only word that comes close to describing you. Special! Everyone in your life feels lucky, and none more so than me, your proud husband! Happy Birthday to the Carrier of Happiness, the Inspirer of Love, my Wife @nataliediluccio.” Take a look at their mushy picture below:

Talking about their love story, the couple had also talked about how things were with Sugandha when she came to know about Natalie, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror. He had shared, “Sugandha was the first one to know about Natalie from me. She said that if she had to pick a girl for me it would be her. They’ve had many conversations behind my back. I am sure Sugandha has given some advice on the dos and don’ts with me. She also told me about the mistakes I should avoid making this time.”

Raghu had also revealed how he had fallen in love with Natalie, and had stated, “I forwarded her videos to a few friends. Later, she was in Mumbai and apparently everyone she met asked her to connect with me. When we finally did in 2011, she put up a picture with me on Facebook and everyone warned her against me. We met socially once or twice over the years. I always found her sweet, gentle and graceful. We decided to meet up and we got along really well. One thing led to another and here we are. On March 26 last year, we made it official as a couple; Natalie has really taken me by surprise.”

He had further added, “I am living a dream right now and doing things I thought I would never do. I am in a relationship with somebody I am head-over-heels in love with.”

Natalie is surely a shining star in Raghu’s life. We wish her a very happy birthday!

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