In the mid of night around 4:00 a.m. his daughter suddenly woke up crying and screaming out loud because of a bad dream. He came running towards her daughter and the first thing he did was to hug her daughter tightly, wiped her tears and make her feel comfortable. She was unable to sleep as she was scared, he narrated a beautiful fairytale to his princess and she slept in his lap. On the next beautiful morning when she woke up she ran towards the kitchen hugging him from the back and wishing him “happy mother’s day”.

Yes, I am a single father

Does that mean I can celebrate mother’s day too??

The society in which we live, it is always seen that mothers raise daughters and share a strong emotional bond with her whereas, fathers are always believed to be only a financial support towards them. But what we fail to recognize is the fact that fathers also have an emotional aspect too and they can share the same bond with their daughters as a mother does.

There is a constant stereotype that children need a motherly figure in their life in order to nurture their growth and when it comes to a daughter the mother is portrayed as a gentle and loving figure. But in today’s dynamic world, single fathers are smashing this stereotype by taking responsibilities to raise their daughters more than a mother do.

Nowadays, single fathers share a unique bond with their daughters. Most of the dads know what it’s like to struggle with braiding hair. There is always a saying that “a girl feels safer in her dad’s arm” and this statement completely narrates the importance of a father and daughter’s beautiful relationship.

Yes it is true that raising a daughter without a female support is not a cake walk at all. However, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Following are the few points that should be kept in mind to overcome this difficult challenge:-


It is biologically proven that women tend to have more mood swings than men. So being a single father you should understand that there is a possible explanation for everything. It could happen that your daughters might want to cry or scream at one second, and becomes all chirpy and excited the next. So if your daughter gets angry or suddenly gives you a tight hug, don’t worry. Just follow the mantra of “go with a flow.”

Don’t lose your composure and avoid expressing your emotions.



When it comes to a daughter it is obvious for a father to become overprotective but this isn’t something that you should do. There is a very simple reason for it, that, by being overprotective you are not letting your daughter tackle different situations on her own. She may never learn to be self-reliant, confident to face the challenges and stand on her own feet. Just have faith in her abilities and make sure you to be there by her side whenever she needs you.



Some fathers feel shy to talk to their daughters about relationships and bodily changes. But as a father, you should not hesitate or feel shy to discuss such topics because for their safety. Don’t show your hesitation to your daughter and try to guide her in the best manner.

Fathers are the only men that the daughters trust blindly and consider them their superheroes. The father daughter relationship is fragile like a flower but also strong like a steel wall.

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