Shilpa Shetty Kundra has always been close to her fans through her social media handles. Recently, the ‘super mommy’ took to Instagram and posted a video of her husband, Raj Kundra hilariously mimicking his wife’s Sunday binge. Later, Raj got embarrassed as the video was only for the family chat group.

A husband-wife relationship is one a kind. The bond is more about friendship than of husband-wife. However, along with it comes a heck of challenges that both the partners have to handle together, in a fun way! And in such case, there is no better example of celeb couple other than Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Raj Kundra, who can teach this better.

The duo is seen to have truckloads of fun times together whenever they’re together. The family is currently enjoying their summer vacay in London and is giving us major vacay goals. Talking about Shilpa in particular, apart from her vacay pictures, her Sunday Binge videos are the ones we look forward to! Take a look at one of them below:

Yesterday was Sunday and just like every Sunday, we were waiting for a Sunday binge video from the gorgeous star. Shilpa took to Instagram and posted a video of her husband, Raj mimicking her Sunday binge routine! Raj was seen wearing a white wig and savouring some unicorn cupcakes which he later pukes (in all humour)! Sharing the video, Shilpa wrote, “Expectation vs Reality!!! To all those people who think I don’t enjoy my dessert, lemme tell you I earn my #SundayBinge and indulge with #Pride. No sugar during the week and eat anything u want on Sunday guilt free. #Celebrate and #Eat with #Gratitude. This video was my hubby’s take on my critics. Ps: This video was just meant to be on our Family chat (we have one) @Rajkundra9 you are #hilarious Can’t believe u did this. Have a laugh guys… Enjoy!!”  Farah commented that she wanted to cast Raj after watching this video, the latter was deeply embarrassed. Raj commented, “I can’t believe you posted this!! That’s the last time I am posting a video on the family chat! sooo embarrassing.”

This is not the first time when Raj has pulled the legs of his wife, Shilpa and trolled her! A few months back, on March 2019, Shilpa posted a video of her son Viaan Raj Kundra carrying the legacy of his mom’s Sunday binge forward. Eating an ice-cream and playing the host, Viaan, in no time, had made us want to pull his cheeks! Sharing the video, the proud mommy had written, “My son #viaan is making up for my sweet cravings. (Even he abstains from sugar on weekdays ) enjoying his #icecream #sundae on #Sunday. Don’t miss the way hubby @rajkundra9 prompts him to say #sundaybinge #insane. Awwwwwwww I’m still doing the #nosugarchallenge Guys #gameon. #sunday #myboys #sonday #sundae #norefinedsugar #gratitude #love #health #swasthrahomastraho.” Here is the video for you:

In a 2014 interview with The Times of India, Shilpa Shetty Kundra had spoken about hubby, Raj Kundra and the way he respects their families. The Baazigar actress had shared, “I met Raj at a time in my life where I was riding this wave with the Big Brother success. He lived in London with his parents who had told him about me, ‘Yeh Shilpa Shetty aayee hai aur usne Indians ka naam ooncha kiya hai.’ He came to my hotel and the first thing was that he came and touched my mother’s feet even though he was a Londoner. And that sums up the person he is. He is very respectful and treats my parents like his. He is also an excellent son and I had thought great husband, but he surpassed that with Viaan. I may do everything for Viaan, right from cleaning his potty to singing nursery rhymes, but the moment Raj will walk in, his focus shifts to him.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra had further added, “Raj is a hands-on father and is happy to take him to the mandir alone or take a day off to be with him, if I am working. What I love most about Raj is that he is self-made and very hard-working and humble despite all that he has achieved at just 38. He is real and what you see is what you get and he has a great sense of humour. Because he is self-made, he says ‘even if I lose everything, I will make it back’ and doesn’t get attached to anything. I am happy I married a man I respected. Bluntly put, anyone who felt that it was a good catch for me, would change their mind if they met him. They would understand why I married him. He is a good man. While we are similar in many ways, he is impulsive and wants to do everything. Unlike me, Raj doesn’t believe in God, he believes in karma. I have a lot of faith in Siddhivinayak and every time something is weighing me down, I take the oath of walking barefoot 21 times, at the end of which my life changes.”

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