Rakhi Sawant Will Perform B ** b Jiggle While Showing Off The Look Of Her “Boom Boom” Tribe

The Rakhi Sawant Ensemble consists of a black bra with large stones and a pink-brown miniskirt. Rakhi Sawant is one celebrity who never fails to make a headline. Whether she’s her fashion choice or what she says, the controversial queen rarely makes news.

Today, the actress got our attention thanks to a video promoting her recently released song, Mere Warga. Played, composed, and composed by Gurbax, Burrah, and Happy Singh, this song features Raki as a tribal woman in a music video. To promote the truck, Ms. Sawant shared the video in the same outfit. But what’s attracting attention isn’t that she’s juggling her b ** bs.

In a promotional video shared on the paparazzi account, Laxawant is dressed in a tribe consisting of heavy headgear with black details, ornaments, and stones. Her ensemble consists of a black bra decorated with large stones, a pink-brown miniskirt, and the same material from her shoulders, knees to feet. In the Instagram video. You can hear Raksha Bandhan saying: Mera yeh look dekh rahe ho aaj. In the appearance of the Pura tribe, the Adivasi looks like a shark. After that, she keeps saying “boom, boom”, wiggle her boobs twice with the camera. After that, she shimmers and shows off her assets, saying “boom, boom, boom, boom, boom”. Watch this video. 4,444 netizens laugh at Swanto’s video.

One Instagram user wrote “Woboom.boomkyatha BC”. Another user wrote, “Hip-hop song Kelly Air Ishizingalara Howari Costume?” Stay tuned for Womansera, news, and exclusive news from the entertainment world of “Taubata ubasara mood kharab kardiya”.

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