Rakhi Sawant’s This Question Left Rashami Desai In Tears; Deets Inside

Yesterday’s episode saw Rashami Desai break down in the house after being quizzed on her divorce. And in a vulnerable moment, she goes on to tell Umar Riaz that she was scared of him. Rashami Desai got married to her Uttaran co-star Nandish Sandhu in 2012. But the couple got divorced in 2015 after a bitter divorce. A lot was said and done but Rashami emerged stronger and chose to leave everything behind. Even during Bigg Boss 13, Rashami was snapped numerous times breaking down in the house due to her personal life.

Rashmi Desai in the picture

In tonight’s episode, Rakhi Sawant went on to ask Rashami why she got divorced. Rashami chose to maintain her silence and said that it’s not something she likes to talk about and especially on television since the topic can affect both the people in question. Rakhi then walks away from the area and goes to the bedroom. Miffed with Rashami maintaining her silence on the matter, Rakhi went on to crib to Abhijit that Rashami had no qualms in quizzing her on her personal life, and Rakhi answered it all.

Rashmi Desai and Umar Riaz

Moreover, Rakhi further said that Rashami didn’t think twice before giving her advice. She further said, “bahut shaani hai, dedh shaani hai Rashmi Desai.” Rakhi then goes on to tell Umar Riaz that she was upset with Rashami’s behavior and didn’t like the way she handled the subject. Umar then goes on to react saying now he understands why she’s crying, after which he tries to console her. Umar and Rashami then talk about the same when Rashami says that she had forgotten about it but suddenly hearing about it left her hurt. She then said that she was also scared of Umar at that moment. Umar reacted to say that he likes Rashami and things like these don’t matter.

Rakhi Sawant (left) Rashmi Desai (right)

With today being New Year’s eve, it’s left to see how these celebs celebrate the New Year.

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