Ralph Ahn, Who Played Tran On ‘New Girl,’ Has Died At The Age Of 95!

Ralph Ahn, who was most known for his role as Tran on the television show “New Girl,” has died. He died at the age of 95. Ahn died on February 26th, according to press reports, but no specifics were provided.

The actor’s career lasted 65 years, with credits including “Terry and the Pirates,” “21 Beacon Street,” and “China Smith” from the 1950s, as well as “Gilmore Girls,” “ER,” “The Shield,” and “Walker, Texas Ranger” from more recent series.

On the famous comedy, Ahn is most known for his role as Tran, a mostly smiling and nodding sage grandpa figure to co-lead Nick Miller (Jake Johnson). He participated in seven episodes throughout the show’s 2011 to 2018 run, which was hosted by Zooey Deschanel.


Ahn uttered only two lines of speech as a character with minimal words. He made his first appearance on the program in the second season when Johnson’s Nick befriends Tran at the park and seeks his advice. Nick quickly dubs him his “magical best friend.”

On Instagram, Johnson paid respect to the late veteran, stating that he had always hoped to work with Ahn again. “RIP. It was a lot of joy to work with her. He said so much with so few words. When he was on set, I was in heaven. I was always hoping to work with him again in some capacity. Sincere condolences to his family and friends “Monday, he wrote with a photo of Ahn.


Deschanel replied to Johnson’s tweet with a sobbing emoji face and the words “Noooooo.” Ahn (actual name Ahn Phil-Yeong) was born on September 28, 1926, in Los Angeles, to Ahn Chang-ho, alias Dosan, a Korean independence activist who was one of the first Korean immigrants to the United States.


During WWII, he served in the United States Navy before following in the footsteps of his older brother Philip, who was one of the first Asian American performers. “The Division,” “Suddenly Susan,” and “The Good Life” are among Ahn’s other television credits.

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