Ram Setu After Chanakya: Bollywood Once Again Opens Its Door To Mythologies: Checkout!

Bollywood’s love of mythology dates back several decades. In the 90s, action and love stories prevailed. However, in the coming years, there will be a plethora of mythological features such as Ram Setu, Adipurush, Ramayana, Brahmastra, Chanakya, Mahaveer Karna, Sita: The Incarnation, and Draupadi, which will be overwritten by big stars and endorsed by prominent banners.

However, these films are often reviewed for deviations from the original idea. Kriti Sanon, who will play the role of Janaki in Adipurush, believes that the role she will play “comes with a certain responsibility”. “I’ve to keep a check on how much you can play as an actor because there’s a certain boundary that you cannot cross. We’ve to make sure that we adhere to facts and stick to what we believe in the telling so that we do not end up hurting sentiments,” she says.

Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the dialogue for Sita: The Incarnation, Adipurush and Chanakya, claims that the filmmakers “need to capitalize on our epics.” Ask him what kept her away from this genre in recent years and he will explain it to you. , “All of a sudden, India’ has woken up to its legacy. I can safely assume that Baahubali broke many grounds. When dhoti-clad heroes were seen waging wars with bows and arrows, the things that were thought of as outdated, became cool.”

In 2019, Arati Kadav wrote and directed Cargo, a science-fiction rooted in Indian mythology. Agreeing with Muntashir, she says, “Mythologies are a goldmine we’re sitting on and we’ve to just tap into them.” So, is the trend here to stay? “Mythology films can give even the top sci-fi films a run for their money. The characters are so beautifully rich and complex. If we rehash what the millennial generation has seen and already dismissed, we won’t be able to win them. The idea is to dig deep,” she says. Kadavu points out that the exorbitant budget often deters filmmakers from exploring the genre: “Mythology films are high-risk projects. It involves high-grade VFX and a massive production scale. The benchmark set by Avatar (2009) was so huge that our filmmakers thought that they will never be able to match up. ”

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​agrees with his thoughts but believes that A-list actors are the protagonists of these projects. “Is a positive sign”. “If big stars are cast, that will take care of the budget aspect too. But if you make a good mythological film, there’s a huge audience wanting to watch it. For instance, Jai Santoshi Maa (1975) didn’t have a star cast and it was a low-cost film but it became huge,” he remarks.

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