Ranbir Kapoor off work for a while after getting diagnosed with this disease

As we told you earlier, actor Ranbir Kapoor was to be Manish Malhotra’s showstopper at The Walk of Mijwan organized by Shabana Azmi’s NGO. Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone was also to walk with him for the show. However, it all got postponed. Because of some sudden illness issues, all his work has been put to hold. Reportedly, Ranbir Kapoor has been diagnosed with Typhoid.

A source shared, “Ranbir would now have to follow a complete medical diet and that would mean abandoning his muscle-building physical training. He would also have to skip Shabana Azmi’s ambitious fashion show at her ancestral village in Mijwan where he was supposed to walk the ramp with Deepika Padukone.”

While some sources say that he is just down with high fever, others share that he is down with typhoid. Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone too took off from her work because of her back pain. She was in Bengaluru for a while and she spent some quality time with her family. Both Deepika and Ranbir’s ill-health has made the Shabana Azmi’s Mijwan Fashion Show wait for a little while. The team is waiting for both the showstoppers to get well soon.

Shabana Azmi confirmed the story to a news portal. She said, “It is so bizarre. But we are keeping the faith alive and waiting for them to recover and get back on their feet. Until then… que sera, sera. I am cracking jokes and keeping my very young and vibrant show-organising team’s spirits up. They’ve been working round the clock to ensure the event goes well. I am keeping them regaled with jokes, biryani, and chocolate waffles. We’re waiting for Ranbir and Deepika to recover and then the show must must go on.”

Well, we hope Deepika and Ranbir get back soon!


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