This is how Ranbir Kapoor reacted when Ranveer Singh insulted Katrina!

Seems, it is gonna be too much masala and masti in the upcoming episode of Koffee With Karan! Former beau of Deepika, Ranbir and alleged present boyfriend, Ranveer Singh will join the tantalizing show together, to sip the ‘koffee’ and slip out some secrets and confessions with Karan Johar.

While the episode was being shot, in one sequence, Ranveer Singh enacted Katrina Kaif (Ranbir’s ex girlfriend) and maintained a same expression throughout. And further added that Katrina uses a single expression to convey all kind of emotions. Ranbir took it very light-heartedly and chose to laugh out!

Oops! Some burns Katrina? Anyway, it is surely gonna be one heck of an episode with two competitors (actors) with one mutual element (Deepika, ofcourse) will come together. Things will definitely be a bit more spicier! 😉 But wait, Ranveer-Ranbir; Ranbeer-Ranvir; much confusing though! :p

Also, it is being speculated that next guests on Koffee with Karan will be Katrina itself. And she will be joining with none other than her ex-boyfriend, Salman Khan who she still considers her family! <3