Rangoli Chandel Again In News For Calling Taapsee Pannu Talentless

Rangoli Chandel, sister of actor Kangana Ranaut has always been in the limelight. It looks like she has some hard feelings for actress Taapsee Pannu. Once again she came up with a criticizing statement by posting a screenshot of the photograph of the Thappad actress in a sari and sunglass.

                    Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel again criticized Taapsee Pannu on social media

Rangoli took it to social media and in her Instagram stories; she shared and bragged about how her sister innovated her looks in saris. Her Instagram stories had back-to-back pictures of Kangana wearing saris and styling it in different ways with sunglasses.

              Rangoli’s Instagram stories where she was all praise for her sister, Kangana Ranaut

She called her sister to be a style icon who has inspired many young women. One of her Instagram stories where she praised her sister read “Her only aim is to inspire women to wear saris and revive our own handloom industry.”

                      Rangoli kept on sharing her sister’s pictures in saris on her Instagram stories

In her Instagram story, Rangoli also shared the screenshot of the vacation picture of Taapsee from St. Petersburg, Russia. The actress was pairing a sari with sunglasses and it had a reply of her to a user praising her for her looks.

Rangoli responded to Taapsee where she said Taapsee is a creepy fan of Kangana and frequently copies her looks. But maybe she had a second thought and then deleted her story.

              Rangoli’s first story on Instagram which she later deleted

Afterward, she modified her story and posted a new one. Rangoli criticized her by saying that Taapsee not only copies each interview and style but the entire work model. She even called her to be unkind and the one who makes mean comments about Kangana. Rangoli also called her sister to be “the legend” and said that Taapsee is not the one who has made sari look cool.

                The modified story of Rangoli read this where she even tagged Taapsee

Rangoli is blocked on Twitter for over a year and is now active on Instagram. She and her sister have a bitter past with Taapsee. Rangoli was seen to call the actress her sister’s sasti or cheap copy. On the other hand, Taapsee never paid much heed to both the sisters’ comments and posts. Let’s wait and watch what Taapsee has to say to all these social media dramas of Rangoli.

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