Rangoli Praised Sushmita Sen for Adopting “Renee and alisah”.

Rangoli Chandel is known for his explicit nature, Being a very dear sister to Kangana Ranaut and very supportive to her, the duo share an amazing sister bond and always give the sister goals. Despite being from her own excursion, she has always been a pillar of support to Kangana Ranaut.

Rangoli had embraced motherhood on November 14, 2017, and had welcomed a baby boy and had named him Prithvi. Recently she had announced the news of adopting a baby girl and had stated that her sister was her inspiration for the same.

On February 23, 2020, Rangoli took to her Twitter handle and showered praises on Sushmita Sen for adopting her two daughters, Renne and Alisah. Rangoli’s tweet can be read as “I salute Sushmita sen, a mother is a mother to every child not just strictly my gene carrying chromosomes type of mother, media need to encourage parents who go beyond their petty chromosomes type emotions and reach out to a longing little soul.”


 She also clarified her stand on surrogacy and tweeted, “Arrey bhai mujhe kyun phasa rahe ho, surrogacy is a great option for people with medical complications I feel it’s unfair if you are already biological parents you already have children toh phir population explosion ke bare mein bhi socho bhai that’s all.”


Rangoli had revealed her decision of adopting a baby girl. Revealing the same, she had tweeted, “I have a baby I want another one my husband and I decided to adopt, I want to encourage couples to adopt than to go for surrogates, to each his own but let’s try and give homes to those also who are already in this world and longing for parents.”

In another tweet she had added how her sister was the inspiration behind this decision, “My sister has inspired us to do this, Ajay and I have done all the formalities hopefully in few months our baby girl will be with us, Kangana has named her Ganga. So fortunate to be able to give home to a child.”


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