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Rani Mukerjee shares a heart-melting message for daughter Adira on her first birthday!

By admin

December 09, 2016

What more auspicious day can there be for the Chopra’s, as the baby daughter Adira turns 1 year old and the home directorial and production, Befikre releases. On the special occasion, Mardaani actress shared a heartfelt message for her along with an adorable picture.

Reaching out to all mothers, she saluted the selfless nature they adopt after taking up the role of ‘mothers’. Sharing her own experience and journey of being a mother and how it has impacted her life, Rani wrote, ” I have become much calmer, more patient and more forgiving. It happened overnight one day suddenly I realized I have changed.. again for the better I guess”.

“I love my baby Adira…Can’t live or breathe about her. My life has changed..but for better”, Rani wrote, who has been away from glitz and makes very rare public appearances after giving birth to Adira. Talking about how naturally a mother becomes selfless, she added, “But having a baby is so scary…Because you suddenly stop living for yourself..You live for your child..As she has given birth to you..A mother! I can’t sleep at night. I can’t get sleep in the day. I often think of zillions of mothers who have given birth”.

Not just every  mother, but all parents can relate to her touchy words. Like every parent, she also hopes to bring up Adira beautifully, brave, wise, clever, well-mannered and fearless. Woah Rani! Your words have truly melted our hearts with this note. Happy 1st Birthday Adira.