Rannvijay Singha Reacts After Being Trolled Over Offering MBA To A PhD Holder; Deets Inside!

Not only Ashneer but Shark Tank host Rannvijay Singh is also getting trolled after offering MBA to an IIT-PhD graduate. Rannvijay Singha had quit Roadies, the show made him a star over the last 18 years.

Rannvijay Singha became a meme material on social media for presenting sponsor UpGrad’s certificate and diploma courses to the pitchers, which was a part of his hosting duties. The show’s anchor was speaking to the pitchers before and after they went in to meet the sharks.

While talking to a leading portal he said, “As per the concept of the show, it is the sharks who decide that you should be given this. Another point is that there are many Engineers who prefer to do MBA after pursuing engineering as they want to cover all the bases. You can do MBA or engineering from the biggest institutues but still know nothing about digital marketing. Like I don’t know anything about Law but if someone offers me a law degree, I would love to it because I want to know about the contracts I’m getting into. I always think law is the one thing that I’d always wanted to do. A person who is educated, that person will always understand the value of an extra degree and education.”

He also said, “Meme is the best thing that can happen with a show, that’s what I feel. Because other people who don’t watch the show, they get their attention as well as towards our show. I feel once you start taking jokes on yourself, you can lead a very peaceful life. I love watching the amout of creativity that people put in while creating these memes.”

Rannvijay recently announced his retirement from Roadies, which he has been hosting for almost 18 years, And it has come to the news that actor Sonu Sood has replaced him in Roadies.

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