Ranveer Singh Fans Are Enthralled By The First Impression Of His New Show, “Big Picture”- Checkout!

Quiz shows haven’t been a newer concept on television as we all know it. Now, Colors has progressed one step forward with their visual-oriented game show The Big Picture, hosted by none other than the very popular Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. This quiz show has cultivated a process of testing the knowledge and visual memory of the contestants and offering them a chance of winning 5 Crores of rupees. Although with the new sets and uniquely new format of the show, The Big Picture has become entertaining it is primarily serving the huge fan-base of Ranveer as ablaze.

The show launched on Saturday and the episode initiated with a seductive sensational performance by the famous star upon the original rap created for the show. Later on, the actor shared some pictures and mentioned how photographs have become an important part of our lives. He also immensely thanked the photographs as the world in front of him has changed over the years. According to his words, this mesmerizing game show is a wide chance to change your luck through pictures.

Karishma Toor, a constable from Sonipat grew along to be the primary contestant to play the sport and ended up willing an amount of 20 Lakh rupees. After she quitted the sport and dropped out all her lifelines, Gorakhpur’s Abhay Singh got up on the stage, a diehard fan of Ranveer Singh, completely channeled himself as his idol’s common character Ram, designing an identical moustache. Abhay became too emotional when the host matched his steps while his entry on a popular song by Ranveer.

An episode close to 2 hours looked quite intimidating and joyous, with the consideration of the new format, but always one required to be much careful and attentive as the questions were mostly based on pictures. To the greatest beauty and mercy of it all, the show had the necessary deficiency of pressure, which is a common component of maximum quizzes. Rather, this show gives enough time to the contestants to speak out the correct answer.

Now, while coming to the host, Ranveer exposed his energetic side and also acted very cute. He was very self-indulgent, from welcoming his old fans in the studio to calling himself handsome, he was throughout in the top form of himself. It will be very charming and appealing for his fans to know how Ranveer expressed that seeing the pictures of his wife makes him want to have a baby girl. This certainly has become one of the most cherishing moments for Ranveer’s fan following to see him opening the show.


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