Ranveer Singh gets emotional as Govinda praises his acting prowess and wants him to star in his biopic

Govinda said in his recent interview that he would like Ranveer Singh to star his biopic if it ever made in future. He also praised his acting talent and his performances.

Ranveer Singh always been a huge fan of Govinda , He said even the accessories in my bedroom are arranged in the Raja Babu way. All the hats , shoes and sunglasses reminds him of Govinda’s epic looks of all time. Govinda is one of the most mesmeric talents on screen. As  Ranveer’s career is riding high on success  after doing some of epic roles , he becomes one of the versatile actors in Bollywood. His fan following is soaring and he has received unconditional love , respect and  appreciation for his performances by fraternity members , critics as well as the audiences. Amitabh Bachchan also sent him a hand written note of appreciation after watching Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat.

Now, Ranveer’s idol and one of his favourite actor whom he respect alot and a huge fan of his acting. Govinda has praised him for his performances in his recent interview with Ndtv, Govinda called Ranveer Singh a ‘superstar in the making’ and if he continues to work hard and keep doing such epic roles on screen. He will become the next big thing! He also praised his performances in his recent films. when asked about the biopic  being made on him , Govinda said that he would want ranveer singh to star in the film if it is made.

Ranveer singh could not contain his excitement any longer after hearing Govinda’s comments , He posted a snippet from the interview on his Instagram and captioned it , “Iam crying!” Its definitely a big compliment for anyone praised by his idol himself.

ranveer also posted that he will surely make his idol Govinda proud with his work.



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