Ranveer Singh Reveals He Knew Deepika Would Be Mother Of His Children 6 Months Into Relationship

Actor Ranveer Singh, who hosted a second wedding reception with wife Deepika Padukone in Mumbai on Wednesday, has said a lot of stuff in his new interview and got candid about his wedding with his lady-love, Deepika.

When he was asked to tell the reason behind choosing Lake Como as their wedding destination, he was quoted as saying, “whatever she wished, I wanted her to have it. That’s the first step in being the husband of the millennium. Whatever her vision of getting married, I wanted her to realize it. Whatever she wanted, it was done exactly in that manner. She deserves every bit of it. I too deserve happiness and my happiness comes from her happiness it’s that simple.”


The Padmavati actor revealed that he was very much sure Deepika was the one, ‘six months into the relationship., The couple had been together for six years before their wedding on November-14 and 15. “I knew all too well that this is the woman I’m going to marry. This is the woman who would become the mother of my children, “he said. I’ve been thinking about marriage seriously for almost three years now. I was just waiting, I told her the minute you say so, we’ll do it.”

In an interview earlier, Deepika has opened up about Ranveer’s personality Deepika was then quoted as saying, “for the people who don’t know him, he might come across as attention-seeking and I understand that because I have to admit my first impression on him when he was doing Band Bajaa Baarat. I’d feel like he is too much and too loud.

Until we started doing Ramleela together and before that during all our workshops is when I realized that what you see is what you get.” On his vulnerable side, she had stated, “I think the only side of him that people don’t really get to see is his vulnerability. In all this energy and enthusiasm and happiness, I think a lot of people don’t get to see that side; It’s very much there.”

We congratulate Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh on entering such a lovely phase of their lives.